Alex Kichak

My yoga journey has been, at its core, a total resurgence of self! I first came to yoga as a means of exercise. I viewed classes as an alternative to running a few days a week, developing a routine practice the following year in hopes of combating stress from an incredibly demanding job. I had worked for several years in a sea of cubicles, going through the daily motions of meetings, phone calls, and never ending emails. My job in international relations made it difficult to be unavailable or to “switch off” after working hours, as my responsibilities spanned numerous countries, time zones, holidays, and weekends.

In 2016, I decided life needed to change. Unimpressed by elusive promises of work–life balance from job interviews and potential employers, I opted to take a year off, working part time in a social enterprise and being fully present at home. I set three daily goals for myself upon leaving the workplace—to take time every day to read, to cook for myself and my family, and to practice yoga.

It was no coincidence that Loretta Jo Schlatzer of Yoga Mojo in Cary, NC, was preparing to launch her RYT 200 Yoga School during this time. Having practiced with Loretta for two years and becoming an avid addict of the Mojo Method, I was confident our timing had very much aligned for a reason. Thus began a year of study and practice.

That year was nothing short of transformative—a total resurgence of self! By peeling back the layers of expectation and demands I’d allowed to govern my life, the self I used to know came back to the forefront, and it’s been such a fantastic journey! I’m so excited to now share that journey with others both on and off the mat!

What are classes like?

My classes follow the Mojo Method of vinyasa flow. We’ll start with a period of meditation and breathing to bring in a sense of peace and calm. Then, we’ll progressively build a vinyasa flow together, pairing each pose with an intentional breath, practicing a few poses at a time before adding on the next sequence. We’ll build to a final flow through in which you’ll focus on your breath and experience a moving mediation. All classes end with a period of rest in savasana to allow the body to recharge and the mind to quiet.

I love to provide options throughout our flow together! Everyone and their practice are different, and our practices vary from day to day. My intention is to guide you through options, allowing you to select what works for you on any given day and build a practice that serves you right where you are! We’ll also enjoy a great playlist that will build with us to support our practice and make it fun. Yes, yoga can be a blast on the mat! My hope is always that you leave class feeling great and totally alive!!