“I look forward to every class with Alex!
Alex takes great pride in her yoga class presentation, intention and execution never disappoint.
Alex engages in her instruction making sure participants are comfortable and successful.”

Rita T. – Small Group Yoga Student

“My team always looks forward to our monthly yoga session with Alex. After putting in long hours and experiencing the stressors of the work week, it’s such a relief to pull back and be still, to take a moment to reward our bodies with quiet and movement. It’s like hitting a reset button on mental and physical energy. The peace and positivity Alex brings to our practice is truly a gift—she gives us license to be still.”

Emily M. – Corporate Yoga Student

“Hosting a small group for yoga that includes newcomers and experts can’t be easy but Alex makes it perfect for each of us! Our sessions are a mix of calming and challenging and we are always eager to learn and grow with every class. Alex is sensitive to each of our individual needs and provides guidance and instruction with clarity and encouragement. We all end each class looking forward to the next one.”

Sam R. – Small Group Yoga Host

“Whether you are new to yoga or regularly practice, Alex accommodates all. Her patience, care, and soothing voice make for a fulfilling class. Alex does well in mixing it up with music, poses, and flows so that her practice remains fresh. Her passion and exuberance are contagious for the young, as well as older students.”

Lisa H. – Small Group and Private Yoga Student