Mother Daughter Local Retreat May 2019

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a mini Mother Daughter Retreat, right here in Cary. We’ll start our day with a shared yoga class, incorporating a few partner poses for moms and daughters to try as well as individual breath work and a relaxing savasana. This class time will be accessible for all levels, including those with no yoga experience.

After yoga, we’ll enjoy a beautiful brunch from the Verandah Restaurant in the Mayton Inn, and a chat with licensed counselor, Gretchen Campbell. Gretchen works regularly with both teens and adults and has a passion for inspiring healthy communication between moms and teen aged daughters.

This two hour experience is designed to foster a shared experience, beautiful meal, and inspired conversation. Mothers and daughters have a unique relationship that can be both challenging and rewarding. Spending time nurturing the relationship with Food, Laughter and Yoga are just a few ways to honor and improve the connection.

Moms with daughters aged 11-15 are encouraged, as are moms with multiple daughters. Moms looking to add additional daughters, or daughters looking to add additional moms, can do so by reaching out directly.

Tickets can be found here!

Our chat will be led by Gretchen Campbell of Grow Encourage Empower