Wedding Day Yoga


Brides and/or grooms looking to set the tone for their wedding day with a calming yoga practice. You can include your bridal party, friends, family members or anyone you’d like. Classes are typically held with a maximum of 10 participants including the bride or groom, but of course we can chat if that doesn’t cover your bridal party!


Set the vibe for your wedding day with a slow flow or gentle practice. Taking time at the beginning of your day sets a sweet and relaxing pace for you, your family, and your bridal party. The practice can be tailored to the bride or groom’s personal preference and will be made accessible for all participants. Whether or not you have a regular yoga practice, this is a beautiful way to start the day you’ve been planning on for so long. We’ll also focus on easy breathing and bringing an element of mindfulness to your day.


Your wedding venue most likely! You provide the space and I’ll come to you. If you have your venue for the full day, we can often find a perfect spot, or if you’re group is staying together the night beforehand, we can make space in a home or hotel.