Small Group Yoga


Are you part of a group of moms looking to find some balance? Are you a bride or in a bridal party looking to relax before the wedding? Maybe you’re taking a girls weekend with your best friends from college or your favorite friends from right now.


One of the most amazing benefits of yoga is the community fostered by group practice! While I love the opportunity to meet with any and everyone on the mat, one of my greatest joys is to practice with small groups of women. It is such a privilege to be invited into your friend group / family / pre-existing community, and I love to design a practice to meet the needs of your group specifically!


A small group session can be such an amazing opportunity to bring your group together to breathe and move and be! An uplifting practice so often paves the way for great conversation and meaningful time spent together, strengthening our foundations and supporting our relationships.

Small group sessions typically take place in your home / rental house / space and last for an hour, though I’m always happy to stay longer. I typically think of small groups being 10 or less, but if your group is larger, let’s chat! These events can be a one-time thing or take place on a routine basis if your group meets regularly.